• Date: Monday 8 June 2020
  • Time: 14:30 – 15:30

Staff having animated discussion in a workshop

I want to gain Senior Fellowship of the HEA – what do I need to do?  What are the criteria?

What are the C@N-DO Tasks for SFHEA?

I’m interested in Senior Fellowship but is it right for me?  Am I ready to apply?

I’ve made a start on working towards SFHEA, but I need some support and guidance.

Through this workshop you will …

Find out what Senior Fellowship of the HEA is all about, what the UKPSF Criteria are for SFHEA, and what the C@N-DO SFHEA Assessment Tasks involve.

You will consider how your existing skills and experience align with the expectations for SFHEA and which areas you need to develop towards an application.

You will have the chance to explore the activities you could develop which will provide a solid basis for applying for SFHEA.

Key Links to UKPSF:

  • A5:Focus on your own professional development
  • Also: K5, V3

To book this event, email Marie Graham


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