• Date: Tuesday 26 October 2021
  • Time: 13:00 – 16:00

Group of students

1.      What is meant by this phrase ‘the team around the student’ and how does this relate to my role?

2.      I need to understand more about how I (as an academic and/or Personal Tutor) support my students

3.      Help! My students keep coming to me with pastoral and academic concerns and I don’t feel equipped to help them. What should I do?

4.      I need to understand what specialist help is available to students at UoN and how we access this.

Through this you will;

  • discuss the Integrated Learner Support model, what it means to take an integrated approach and to work together to support students
  • explore a range of scenarios, in each instance to consider the actions to take, questions to ask, sources of advice and support, when to refer to others, GDPR implications, and the benefits of the integrated approach
  • gain an introduction to the various teams contributing to ILS and the areas where they are available within the university.