• Date: Monday 30 April 2018
  • Time: 14:00 – 16:00
  • Location: Online via Collaborate
  • Cost: Free

Staff collaborating

Sign up for Mentoring others towards HEA Fellowship if this is your need:

·         I have been asked to be a C@N-DO Mentor – Help! I need to know more about what is expected in a Fellowship application.

·         As a C@N-DO Mentor I need to know more about the opportunities for individuals to engage with the UKPSF & progress through C@N-DO.

·         I don’t always know what advice to give to C@N-DO Mentees when they ask questions I haven’t encountered before.  It would be good to discuss experiences with others in similar roles.

Through this you will…

deepen your understanding of the UKPSF, ways in which to interpret the Dimensions of Practice for different roles and the criteria for the UKPSF Descriptors D1, D2, D3.

You will become aware of common mistakes within applications which you can then help your mentees avoid and you will ensure that you are aware of national developments with respect to the UKPSF.  These may include new stipulations with respect to assessment for Fellowship.

Key Links to UKPSF:

  • A5: Focus on professional development
  • Also: K5, K6, V1, V4

To book this event, email Marie Graham!


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