• Date: Wednesday 3 November 2021
  • Time: 09:30 – 13:00
  • Cost: Free

Students working at a computer using a microphone

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I need to understand what NILE is and how to use it effectively within Learning and Teaching
How can I make sure I complete the submission and grading workflow through NILE
What support is available for further development?
I would like to update myself on current policy and practice relating to NILE, particularly because I have taken on new course responsibilities.

Through this you will…

This session will provide staff with an introduction to NILE (Northampton Integrated Learning Environment) which is used as part of all Learning and Teaching at Northampton.
You will participate in the event both online and in face to face to experience NILE from both the staff and student experience.
Submission and grading electronically will be demonstrated and you will have an opportunity to practice this on their own site.
Key Links to UKPSF:

A4: Effective Learning Environments, including Student Support & Guidance
Also: K4, K6, V1