• Date: Wednesday 19 August 2020
  • Time: 14:00 – 15:15

Photo of student in a lecture

What staff need(s) will the workshop meet?

I’ve heard that new legislation requires us to to consistently ensure that our (online) materials meet high and measurable standards of accessibility and I need to know how I can do this.

I know it’s important to make my teaching materials etc accessible, but how do I do this?  Are there any easy and practical steps I can follow to ensure my material is accessible to anyone who needs it?

Through this workshop you will ….

Consider current accessibility legislation and recognise how it applies to your role.

You will learn how to

·         check the accessibility scores of online NILE content using the new Ally Bb accessibility plugin and then follow advice to improve content.

You will practise using the Accessibility checker within Word 2016 and follow identified steps to meet minimum accessibility standards.


You will learn how to

·         apply Styles within Word 2016 to create an accessible document structure that enables readers to navigate and access content using their preferred tools (e.g. screen readers, keyboard only).

·         provide alternatives where the original format may exclude some users (e.g. transcripts, image descriptions / Alt text).

·         ensure content is logical and presented clearly (e.g. colour contrast, font choices) by referring to the correct documents

You will discover where to go to learn more so that you can ensure any further content you may create is accessible (e.g PDFs, PowerPoint, web pages, videos etc).

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