• Date: Thursday 21 October 2021
  • Time: 09:00 – 12:00
  • Location: Senate 405
  • Cost: Free

Students in a lecture taking notes

Explore the role of the teacher in Higher Education, and review methods and strategies to actively engage students in their learning.

I am new to teaching in HE. Where do I start?

I feel the need for some fundamental skills and ideas to use in my HE Teaching.

I would like some support as to how I can develop my own teaching practice.

I would like to try out some new and different teaching activities that I haven’t used before.

Through this workshop you will…

gain ideas and skills for a ‘menu’ of practical L&T activities, techniques and strategies adaptable to your own practice & will develop your ability to provide effective learning experiences for your students. You will explore how you can draw on your own past experience as a learner and/or teacher to provide effective learning opportunities for students, and start to relate this to the scholarship of L&T in HE
have the opportunity to work with others as you engage practically in carrying out some teaching activities, and receive feedback and encouragement for your own teaching practice.

To register, please visit U4BW (using Citrix if necessary). You will receive an Outlook calendar invitation within 48 business hours of registration.

From the U4BW course catalogue, type ‘ilt’ in to the course box to see all C@N-DO workshops.

If you experience any problems booking a place, email marie.graham@northampton.ac.uk.