Click the image below to watch the videos below that explain the benefits and promise of Open Educational Resources for teachers, students and schools everywhere.


Open Northampton is in line with Northampton’s ‘Transforming Lives, Inspiring Change’ strategic plan 2015-20. The project will benefit the University in the following ways:

  • Enhancing student experience and satisfaction through the use of quality, rich and diverse learning and teaching materials in the teaching programmes.
  • Increasing reputation: There is the benefit of increasing the reputation of the individual academic or the institution by releasing materials as OER.
  • Gaining global visibility & competition: OER activities are becoming widely used by many UK universities as a means of marketing – to increase institutional recognition and attract students to specific courses of study through ‘tasters’. It is the intention of Open Northampton to maximise Northampton’s visibility and academic offerings globally by releasing materials as OER.
  • Achieving financial sustainability by reducing the cost of producing high quality learning and teaching materials.