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LEARN stands for Learner Engagement, Attendance and Retention at Northampton, and is an engagement dashboard that is designed to help our students have a clearer picture of how they are engaging with their academic studies. In turn, this will help our Personal Tutors and wider members of the academic Programme Team to be better able to support student success and to identify where additional support might be required.

Following the cyber-attack on the University earlier this year, the LEARN system (Learner Engagement and Retention at Northampton) is being rebuilt. The team involved in restoring the system is aiming for the system to be operational for staff early in semester one. When LEARN is restored, further communications will be sent, along with details on how students and staff will be able to access the system and obtain training as needed.

The dashboard is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students studying onsite at the University of Northampton campus as well as students studying on any of our Distance Learning programmes.

What does the dashboard show?

Students will be able to see how well they are engaging across a number of different digital feeds, including their physical attendance on campus, their engagement in online synchronous sessions/webinars, their digital engagement through NILE, and their use of physical and digital resources. The dashboard will enable students to choose to see how their engagement compares with that of their peers on the same programme and with the same study mode. In time, it will also display information on assessment grades so that Personal Tutors can support achievement over the duration of the year.

During 1:1 meetings with their Personal Tutors, students will be able to identify actions that will enhance their prospects of success and agree a plan of action with their Tutor. LEARN can be used to keep a student-facing record of that meeting and any agreed actions, which can be subsequently updated either by the student or the Tutor, once completed. Professional Services teams will have access to LEARN, but will have no expectation to update information as this responsibility sits with the student or the Tutor.

It is important to remember that while the digital dashboard provides the starting point for a more informed, coaching-style conversation with the student around their engagement, it does not tell the whole story and nor will any decisions be made in respect of the student on the basis of the dashboard information alone. Staff interested in learning more about how to have effective coaching conversations with students are encouraged to attend the C@N-DO workshop: Coaching for Success.

Training and Use by Staff

Alongside the dashboard, the University project team has been developing and revising the associated business processes that will enable the dashboard to be used efficiently and effectively. Training for academic staff who will have access to LEARN is available to book on U4BW via usual processes.

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