Student working on an assignment

During the 2019-2020 academic year, ILT will be continuing to lead an institutional pilot to explore the digitisation of examinations. This project offers the potential for the University to ensure that all aspects of assessment practice are digitised and delivered using technological means.

Our move to the new Waterside Campus with its technology-rich learning environment, offers a unique opportunity to consider the role of technology to support and deliver traditional end-of-year, paper-based examinations. The pilot will form part of the periodic review of the technologies that underpin NILE (Northampton’s Integrated Learning Environment) being led by the Learning Technology team.

Furthermore, the realisation of the University’s unique approach to learning and teaching (Active Blended Learning) makes it appropriate and timely to consider the impact of ABL and the digital agenda on the digitisation of assessment. This is more than simple substition of a typed examination script for a handwritten one, although this is still a valid consideration. The recent revision of all Learning Outcomes as part of the 2017 University Review of Assessment, and the more explicit focus on ‘digital’ in our Graduate Attributes Statement and associated Changemaker learning outcomes has had a corresponding impact on the very nature of assessment. The digitisation of examinations and other assessment instruments is an essential piece of this puzzle. Indeed, the digitisation of our learning and teaching plan will only be fully completed when examinations are also digitised.

To find out more about the pilot, please contact Dr Rachel Maxwell, Head of Learning and Teaching Development: Policy and Practice.