To see how our learning, teaching and assessment activities map to the KIS categories, please see the tables below.

Learning and Teaching Activities

Activity Type KIS Category 
 Lecture Scheduled (Contact Hours at UN)
Seminar Scheduled (Contact Hours at UN)
Tutorial Scheduled (Contact Hours at UN)
Project Supervision Scheduled (Contact Hours at UN)
Demonstration Scheduled (Contact Hours at UN)
Practical Classes and Workshops Scheduled (Contact Hours at UN)
Supervised time in workshops/studio Scheduled (Contact Hours at UN)
Field Work / External Visits Scheduled (Contact Hours at UN)
Work Based Learning Placement (Contact Hours at UN, unless the whole module is a specified WBL delivery module, in which case we would categorise it as Placement)
Independent Study Guided Independent Study
Assessment Hours Guided Independent Study
Placement Placement
Year Abroad Placement

Assessment Activities

Assessment Activity KIS Category
Examination Written Exam
Time Constrained Test Written Exam
Time Constrained Assignment Coursework
Assignment / Essay / Report Coursework
Dissertation Coursework
Portfolio / Written Project Coursework
Oral Assessment / Presentation Practical
Practical Project / Skills Assessment Practical