The following workshops are the most appropriate ones to attend in terms of aligning your learning and teaching practices with Waterside. To find out more, please click on each link, or speak to Shirley Bennett, Head of Academic Practice.

* A word about Peer Observation…

  • Would you like to see how some of these new approaches for active blended learning are working in practice?
  • Would you like to experiment, with the opportunity for a colleague sharing the experience and helping you work out what worked well?
  • Are you already starting to put into practice new ideas, perhaps from a CAIeRO? Would you like the chance for peer feedback exploring how it’s going?

Collaborative Observation can help you prepare for introducing active blended learning into your own practice by giving you the chance to see what your colleagues are doing – in the classroom or online; seeing how students actually respond to the new activities, with the opportunity to discuss the challenges and successes with other staff.

If you are starting to use new ways, again in the classroom or online, Collaborative Observation can give you a chance to ask a colleague to give you some feedback on how you are adapting your teaching style to the new context, or help you work out strategies for effectiveness.

The choice of context, the focus or ‘agenda’ for the observation, the approach to feedback and discussion, and the person you work with are all yours.