Project Aims

The Curriculum Enhancement for Employability and Social Impact (CEESI) project was a short-term project from February – June 2015 that sought to build on existing research to explore Changemaker attributes and the extra-curricula Employability Plus initiative run by our Changemaker Hub. Its aim was to embed employability and positive changemaking across the disciplines in a meaningful way, specifically through achievement of the following objectives:

  • Objective 1 – Drawing on recent research findings and existing frameworks, to develop an integrated model of graduate attributes and outcomes for Employability for Social Impact (Work Package 1) – for more information on this, please see our ongoing ChANGE project.
  • Objective 2 – To engage staff and students in a pilot programme of curriculum enhancement for embedding Employability for Social Impact into teaching and learning activities, as a way to pilot the draft framework and to enhance current taught provision (Work Package 2)
  • Objective 3 – To share good practice toward Employability for Social Impact emerging from the curriculum enhancement pilot programme within and beyond the Institution (Work Package 3)
  • Objective 4 – Through insights gained from Work Packages 1-3, and in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy, to develop a toolkit for Employability for Social Impact that is of benefit within and beyond the Institution (Work Package 4)


Project Outputs

Objective 1 – A theoretical model promoting a ‘Zone of Pedagogical Praxis for Social Education’ has been developed. This model is the subject of a journal paper:

Alden Rivers, B., Armellini, A., Maxwell, R., Allen, S. and Durkin, C. (2015) Social innovation education: towards a framework for learning design. Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning. 5(4), pp. 383-400. 2042-3896

The paper also proposes a series of 18 questions to help facilitate discussions in the redesign workshop forming the basis of objective 2.

Objective 2 – The 18 questions proposed in Work Package 1 were used at a collaborative, action-research workshop with staff and student representatives. The workshop was designed to apply and test the model on existing modules that already seem to ‘sit under the Changemaker banner’.

Objective 3 – work to share good practice is coming through the ChANGE project which was substantially informed by CEESI.

Objective 4 – the toolkit is available as part of the CEESI Final Report.

Project Team: Bethany Alden Rivers, Rachel Maxwell, Wray Irwin, Alejandro Armellini, Sue Allen, Victor Agboola, Rob Howe, Chris Durkin, Simon Denny.