Who can help us redesign our programmes and modules?

The University has invested in providing support for academic staff who are presently redesigning their programme and modules as they transition to active blended learning. Here you can find out more about the team of people around you and what different types of support they can offer.

A useful contact point to start with is the Learning Design team. They can advise on pedagogic design matters, facilitate workshops for you and your team and direct you to other sources of help where needed, for example, the Learning Technologists. Colleagues in the Institute of Learning and Teaching can also provide extensive guidance.

In addition, there are many resources available: case studies, videos and literature. Two key starting points are the S.H.E.D. (Sharing Higher Education Design) (which includes the Learntech blog, regularly updated with excellent examples of what works and what doesn’t) and of course our website.

In the video below, Professor Ale Armellini, former Dean of Learning and Teaching at Northampton, also looks at the various sources of support to help academic staff design their modules and programmes to introduce active blended learning and so be ‘ABL Ready.’

Other teams that can support you in this transition include the Learning Development Team and also the Academic Librarians. Both teams are available in the Learning Hub at Waterside.