Learning and Teaching at the University of Northampton

The aim of our teaching and learning is to transform lives and inspire change. We want our students to achieve their ambitions and to improve society for the better through the application of their skills and knowledge. Our courses all meet national academic standards and in addition many are accredited by professional bodies.

Our Gold TEF (the highest possible award in the Teaching Excellence Framework, the U.K. government’s major assessment of university teaching quality) is testimony to our super supportive, future-focused approach. At the University of Northampton students learn in small groups and through close interaction between staff and students. Our courses are designed for active learning on and off campus, in digitally rich environments that integrate ‘live’, real-time sessions with activities students can undertake where they like and at the time they choose. We call this approach Active Blended Learning (ABL).

On these pages you will find a set of resources to help you redesign modules and programmes and reconceptualise learning and teaching practices in order to deliver an effective, student-centred experience through ABL. You may want to read the latest blog post on ABL.

These pages offer a more detailed explanation of what a programme or module that uses ABL looks like in practice. You will find appropriate C@N-DO Workshops to support you in your redevelopment work and in exploring possible learning and teaching practices.

You can now also download the report of a research study on Student Engagement with ABL.

Front Cover of the ABL Student Engagement Interim Report


The following videos explore some of the key issues around teaching and learning in a blended mode of delivery in more detail and two members of staff talk about their experiences of trialling this with their students.

Waterside ready video 4 screen shot

Academic Simon Sneddon, from the Faculty of Business and Law shares his experiences of trialling some blended learning activity

Waterside ready video 5 screen shot

Kyffin Jones, a Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Education and Humanities, tells us what he has been doing to implement ABL and get ‘Waterside Ready’.

More approaches can be found in the S.H.E.D. (Sharing Higher Education Design) resource site.