Date: Tuesday 15 June 2021, 9:30-16:30

Format: Online event


9:15 to 9:30 Welcome

Speakers: Chris Powis and Shân Wareing

9:30 to 10:15 Keynote

Speaker: Professor Pauline Kneale – Emeritus Professor, University of Plymouth

10:15 Break

10:30 to 11:15    Workshop Session A

Workshop 1: From video to online discussion using technology to model groupwork Presenters: Richard Byles

Workshop 2: Cultural Integration Workshops for Staff and Students – An offering of ways to increase inclusive practice at within a university setting. Presenters: Gemma Boaden, Nathan Dodzo

Workshop 3: Calling Students to Adventure: Using the hero’s journey as a tool for curriculum planning and reviewing course design Presenters: Dr Alke Gröppel-Wegener, Robert Farmer

11:15 Break

11:30 to 12:15 Workshop Session B

Workshop 4: Creating an inclusive classroom to engage students from different backgrounds with learning outcomes. Presenters: Ouarda Dsouli, Anna Poole

Workshop 5: The impact of missing assignments on the attainment gap. Presenters: Alison Loddick

Workshop 6: BAME Award Gap: Exploring the Factors that Impact on Low Grades of Black Students at the University of Northampton. Presenters: Dr Patrice Seuwou, Nathan Dodzo, Dr Michael Opoku Agyeman

12:15 to 13:15 Lunch

13:15 to 13:40 Cracker-Barrel – 1st Round

Cracker-barrel 1: Evaluating efforts to decolonise the curriculum –exploring the experiences of staff and students at UoN. Presenters: Dr Charlotte Dann, Lesley-Ann Smith, Karishma Jivraj

Cracker-barrel 2: Interactive collaborative via google drawings. Presenters: Sheryl Mansfield, Dr Declan Ryan

Cracker-barrel 3: Using Magic to conjure up critical thinking skills. Presenters: Paul Rice, Karin Johnstone, Amy West

Cracker-barrel 4: ‘Images of Diversity’: Using Student Personas in the classroom to enhance inclusivity, improve engagement, and narrow the BAME students’ awarding gap at the University of Northampton. Presenters: Simon Wragg

Cracker-barrel 5: Gifts from your ‘home’ educational culture! Presenters: Christiana Stephen, Kate Coulson, Shirley Bennett

Cracker-barrel 6: Teaching students to write about art: Results of a four-year patchwork text project. Presenters: Dr Craig Staff, Robert Farmer

Cracker-barrel 7: “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Can Never Hurt Me.” Career-focused, programme-specific microaggression training for undergraduate courses using a microaffirmation approach: a proof of concept. Presenters: Dom Murphy

13:40 to 13:50 Transition
(time to join another cracker-barrel session)

13:50 to 14:15 Cracker-Barrel – 2nd Round

Cracker-barrel 8: The role of emotions in decolonising HE practice. Presenters: Emma Kimberley

Cracker-barrel 9: Integrating and expanding skills between FBL and FAST (cross faculty) students by embedding changemaker skills and social innovation into student learning. Presenters: Dr Rebecca Fakoussa, Friedemann Schaber, Henrietta Farrugia, Carys Redfern

Cracker-barrel 10: Towards a digital pedagogy of inclusive Active Distance Learning. Presenters: Dr Helen Caldwell, Dr Emma Whewell, Jean Edwards, Jo Barrow

Cracker-barrel 11: Putting the I Back in NILE – Teaching Without PowerPoint. Presenters: Mark Allenby

Cracker-barrel 12: Creating a digital workbook to enhance student academic skills: a self-paced journey. Presenters: Karin Johnstone, Kate Swinton

Cracker-barrel 13: LLS Evaluation of online workshops. Presenters: Kate Coulson, Sheryl Mansfield, Paul Rice

Cracker-barrel 14: You can take a student to water, but will they drink and prosper? Is it engaged students that Learning Development impact? Presenters: Alison Loddick

Cracker-barrel 15: Early Years Virtual Environment – EYVE (pronounced ee-vee). Presenters: Iain Douglas, Devon Rosetti

Please have a look at the EYVE video before the day of the conference.

Please also have a look at a project which has been entered into the Office for Product Safety and Standards – Regulatory Awards.

14:15 to 14:25 Join the main room for the poster discussion

14:25 to 14:50 Poster Discussion – main room

Please view and add comments to the posters here;

Digital Literacy for the University of Northampton (DL4UON) – Rob Howe, Neill Friedman, Cristina Devecchi

A roadmap of cross-faculty innovation and collaboration – Friedemann Schaber, Michael Wright, Rebecca Fakoussa, Henrietta Farrugia, Carys Redfern, Hiten Vyas

Co-production as a means to understand the experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) student midwives – John Pendleton, Dr Claire Clews & Aimee Cecile

A reflection of using videos of interactions between expert and novice practitioners – Beth Garrett (Postgraduate Researcher), Tom Briggs (Postgraduate Researcher) and Dr Emma Whewell, Associate Professor Dr Helen Caldwell, Helen Tipaldy and Richard Byles.

Foundation Studies students: do they outperform ‘normal’ students? – Tim Curtis; programme leader, Integrated Foundation Year and Deepak Bhachu, Senior Lecturer, Integrated Foundation Year

Creating a sense of belonging where all students voices are heard – Cath Kenny

Inappropriate metadata terms: decolonising and modernising library subject indexes @UON – Gaby Travill, Georgina Dimmock, and Masniza Sore

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic university students course experiences, achievement, aspirations and social inequalities – Antonette Hall (URB@N undergradaute student) and Dr Emel Thomas

Converting Willingness to engagement – Dr Tracey Redwood and Dr Alison Ward

Digital Learning Across Boundaries: Developing Changemakers – Beth Garrett (Postgraduate Researcher) and Dr Emma Whewell & Dr Helen Caldwell

Students perceptions of the ‘new normal’: Teaching and learning experiences in the era of COVID-19 – Dr Nick Naumov & Elora Dartnell

Student Persona – Susie Palmer-Trew

URB@N posters

14:50 to 15:10 Break

15:10 to 15:55 Workshop Session C

Workshop 7: Less work and more awards: real examples of Changemaker in Sociology modules. Presenters: Dr Siobhan Dytham, Dr Federico Farini.

Workshop 8: Agents of Change: Engaging Students in Social Innovation. Presenters: Kirsty Wagstaffe, Johnson Awotunde and Imane Tiahi

Workshop 9: Listening to liberate: using critical reflexivity to liberate students of colour Presenters: Dr Ratika Malkani and Dr Nick Cartwright

16:00 Summary: Shân and Chris.

Launch Innovation Fund, Associate Professors, NTF and CATE

16:30 Close