Learning and Teaching Conference

Each year, the Institute of Learning and Teaching organises and hosts its flagship Learning and Teaching Conference. With a different theme, and guest keynote speakers from across the UK, this day is a chance for staff and students at the University to be challenged and motivated to think in new ways about their academic practice and pedagogy.

The Conference is also an opportunity to hear from the winners of our Innovation and Enhancement Fund bids in respect of innovations and risks that they have taken with their own practices to try something new, whether pedagogical or technical in nature. At lunchtime, there is an opportunity to peruse the many and varied research projects that were funded by URB@N bursaries over the last year and to meet the research teams of staff and students to discuss their findings.

Cheese and crackers ensure that delegates are able to fully participate in our afternoon Cracker Barrel sessions where staff host tables to explore issues and challenges in pedagogy by providing a general contextual overview of what they have been doing and then posing questions to the audience for further discussion.

The conference ends with a well-deserved opportunity to hear from the winners of the annual Student Teaching and Representation (STAR) Awards. These awards are voted for by our student body and presented by the Student Union to members of staff from both academic faculties and professional services departments, culminating in the Outstanding Lecturer of the Year award.

Why not have a look at some of the pictures and keynote presentations from recent years?