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C@N-DO is the name of our staff development scheme. It stands for Changemaking at Northampton – Development Opportunities and comprises a suite of workshops that are designed to meet different academic staff needs.

So whether you are new to teaching in Higher Education, new to Northampton and want to find out more about our assessment and feedback practices, or are looking to develop the new skills for blended modes of learning and teaching or to help you with your role as a Personal Academic Tutor, one thing is sure – there will be a C@N-DO workshop for you.

All our workshops are designed to meet particular development needs, answer your questions and help you address the challenges you face in your work. Why not have a look at the full list of workshops and scan down the questions and needs in the first column to find the workshop most appropriate to your needs. You can then click on the link of the workshop to find out more.

You can also go straight to the links on the left-hand menu to explore the workshops on offer and find those that meet your needs.

If you do not find a workshop to suit your needs, please contact Shirley
or Ming Nie, who may be able to offer a suggestion.

Our workshops also align with the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in Higher Education. So if you are looking to gain professional accreditation through the HEA, this alignment will also help you find a workshop linked to particular areas for development.