You can become a Fellow of the HEA by making an application through the institutional CPD Scheme, C@N-DO.  Applications involve completion of certain assessment tasks (see downloads) and applications made by university staff through C@N-DO are free of charge.

  • If you are already in a position to be able to evidence the criteria for a particular category of Fellowship, you could consider moving quickly to writing an application through C@N-DO.
  • If you are more recently in post, then C@N-DO includes support and development which will help you to work towards the award of Fellowship.

For everyone, it is a good idea to find out more about the criteria for the award of Fellowship by attending the workshop Introduction to C@N-DO and the UKPSF in which you will be able to explore what the UKPSF means in relation to your experience and practice and discuss and plan your CPD route with Shirley Bennett, Head of Academic Practice.

Possible routes to gain Associate Fellowship, Fellowship or Senior Fellowship are indicated in the diagram below and include:

  • If you have already undertaken the PGCTHE, either Module 1 (Associate Fellow) or Modules 1 and 2 (Fellow) you can gain recognition on the basis of successful completion of this course
  • If you can demonstrate that you already have the requisite experience and skills for a given category of Fellowship, you can move straight to the C@N-DO Assessment (this is free to UN staff), or you can submit a direct application to the HEA (a direct application to the HEA will incur a charge, see the HEA website)
  • If you are ‘working towards’ the experience and skills for a given category of Fellowship, you can do so by taking part in C@N-DO (this is free to UN staff)