High quality, meaningful assessment and feedback is at the heart of the student experience at the University of Northampton.

AFP logoAssessment and Feedback is not only crucial for students, it is also one of the key tasks for any academic to engage with well. While the approaches to assessment may be similar between different institutions, the associated practices typically are not. The Assessment and Feedback Portal supports sound academic practice by bringing together guidance around three key areas: Policy and Procedure, Design, and Practice.

In this video, Professor Alejandro Armellini, Director of the Institute of Learning and Teaching, talks about Assessment and Innovation.

Shirley Bennett, Head of Academic Practice, talks about how academic staff can engage in Assessment and Feedback Workshops through the University’s HEA-accredited CPD framework to enhance their academic practice.

Thanks to Kathryn Kendon, Deputy Director of Student and Academic Services, for the text of sections 2 and 5, and to Julie Usher, Learning Designer, for sections 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7.