This video is an Open Resource [CC-BY-SA-NC] that you can use in your own practice. You can download the Approach to Quality Enhancement diagram below to facilitate a discussion around your own QE practices.


The QE Good Practice Display

The Good Practice Display showcases specific University initiatives that work to enhance policies, procedures and practices in a deliberate way. The aims of the Good Practice Display are threefold:

  • to inventory initiatives as a “stock-taking” exercise
  • to share initiatives across the institution and outside
  • to identify certain elements of these practices that can be used in planning activities


The QE Good Practice Display is available online for a view of our examples of quality enhancement. Send us your examples so we can continue to share good practice.

Check the quality of your NILE site

The University of Northampton has a clear approach to ensuring standards and consistency in NILE (Northampton’s Integrated Learning Environment). Why not check the current NILE standards to ensure that your NILE site aligns with this approach?