Personal Academic Tutoring is integral to the University of Northampton’s holistic approach to supporting student success.

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Personal Academic Tutors, or ‘PATs’, provide an extra layer of academic and pastoral support, beyond what is offered by the module tutor and programme leader, to an assigned number of students.

The PAT serves as a central figure in a student’s university experience. As such, it is important that we find ways to support and enhance the Personal Academic Tutoring provision across the University and in partnership with other institutions. This part of our website considers what it means to be a PAT and provides a number of resources to help you in this role.

Here you will find

  • more information about being a PAT
  • creative ways in which to support student success as a PAT
  • creative ideas for how to proactively engage with your tutees in groups to support their employability skills development
  • where to signpost your tutees for additional support
  • and much more besides

patpublicationWe suggest that you start by having a look at our Guiding Principles for Personal Academic Tutoring and also our publication on being a successful PAT: Personal Academic Tutoring that is available to download.

You could also have a look at the following videos. In the first two, Monica Catalinet and Manos Daskalou, (now both in the Faculty of Health and Society), talk about their work as Personal Academic Tutors.


In this video, Victor Agboola, SU President from 2014-2016 talks about the importance of Personal Academic Tutoring from a student’s perspective.