Staff having a discussion at a workshop

What is special about Peer Observation at Northampton?

Peer Observation at Northampton is very much a peer-to-peer process, known as Collaborative Observation, and reflects the University’s commitment to assuring and enhancing the quality of the student learning experience and to providing developmental opportunities for teaching enhancement.  The process is

‘a peer based, collaborative, non-judgmental scheme designed to provide opportunities for participants to enhance the learning experience of their students and to reflect on and develop aspects of their own professional practice. The scheme recognises that all participants, whether observing or being observed, benefit from the process.’

(University of Northampton Code of Practice – Peer and Collaborative Observation for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, p.2)

Peer and Collaborative Observation of Learning and Teaching is part of the University’s CPD Framework for staff involved in teaching and supporting learning, C@N-DO.  The focus of collaborative observation activities within the scheme is developmental enhancement.

The underpinning principle is that both the person observing, (the observer) and the person being observed (the observee) can benefit from the process and the aim is to provide opportunities for staff to collaborate in reflection, discussion and further development of their professional practice.