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Whether the content is housed on VLEs as e-versions or printed on paper, the handbook should be written for all three parties included in WBL

  • the student
  • the provider (the organisation providing the ‘world of work’ opportunity)
  • the tutor/course team responsible for keeping in touch with the student

The handbook should include:

  • expectations and responsibilities for student/provider/tutor
  • schedule of activities (keeping in touch activities, any briefing events, evaluation)
  • risk assessment proforma
  • expectations around student behaviour
  • attendance management
  • UKVI statement
  • outline assessments

The handbook can serve as the ‘contract’ with the provider. A signature is not necessarily required.

Here are some examples of handbooks:

If you have any questions contact the WBL Interest Group or the Office of Placements and Work-based Learning via email placements@northampton.ac.uk or call 01604 893781

Two members of staff talking at a workshop

Student Recruitment, Selection and Briefing Activities

At this stage you will need to outline what prerequisites the students need to have met to participate in the WBL, referring back to the module specification. You may wish to look at alternative routes and activities for students should this meet their specific requirements and that of the providers.

You will also need to provide information and guidance in advance of the process by which students will be notified. For some courses, students need to be actively ‘recruited’ to undertake WBL.

This can come in the form of:

  • briefing sessions by course teams including advice from the Changemaker Hub, students from previous years, and providers of placements
  • sharing resources and information such as the handbook
  • building content and support via VLEs etc. Office of Placements and Work-based Learning can support with this, providing administration and updating content, passing on work and placement opportunities to students
  • providing information to students of where and how they can approach organisations
  • the programme design, scaffolding the ChANGE and WBL with activities and assessment that focus on employability
  • working with Changemaker Hub and Office of Placements and Work-based Learning to run provider fayres, seminars and events, all aimed to bring providers onto campus for students to meet and develop employability skills

Reasonable adjustments can be made for students with disabilities or temporary health or other issues. If the student gives permission these are shared with the provider and noted. The Office of Placements and Work-based Learning can support colleagues and staff with this.