Students volunteering for Changemaker

  1. Design: this could involve a CAIeRO design workshop, a business case, and support from the ChANGE project
  2. Validation: creation of a programme or module specification and WBL check (looking at the organisation, support and pre-requisites)
  3. Preparation: writing the handbook, setting expectations, agreeing activities, writing the ‘Contract’ between the provider, student and tutor
  4. Student Selection: this is partly decided by module enrolment or interest, the provider’s requirements, and culminates in a briefing session
  5. WBL Selection: this will guarantee that the WBL is a meaningful learning opportunity, safe working environment, supports the students, and will also include a risk assessment
  6. Start of WBL: a point of contact will be appointed for regular communication between tutors, the provider and the student, attendance will be managed, and an e-portfolio or reflective journal will be used
  7. End of WBL: an evaluation will be written alongside lessons learned, the student will be debriefed, assessment will be undertaken, and an ongoing relationship with placement provider will be curated