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What is the role of the referees?

Every application for HEA Fellowship should be accompanied by two references, each from a separate referee.

The role of the referees is that they should give ‘an informed peer review of your eligibility for Fellowship (in the selected category) using their knowledge of your work and the context in which you teach and/or support learning’ (Advance HE).

You should provide each referee with:

  • a copy of your assessment submission for Fellowship, so that they can read it and comment directly on what you have written. They can also make additional comments relevant to your application if they wish.
  • a copy of the UKPSF
  • a copy of the relevant HEA Referee Guidance Notes and associated links

Make sure you allow sufficient time for your referees to write your references before the C@N-DO Assessment Panel. We are all under pressure of work and it is unfair to request your reference and send the relevant documents too close to the deadline.

Who should you choose?

As summed up by Advance HE:

Referees should be experienced staff and be able to comment, knowledgeably, and from first-hand experience on your current role and any other relevant activities recently undertaken. At least one of your references should either be a Fellow (or Senior Fellow or Principal Fellow) of the Higher Education Academy, or an appropriate experienced member of staff working for a higher education provider. All referees need to be familiar with the UKPSF.

Please remember also that in selecting a referee there should not be a conflict of interest; do not, for example, choose a family member to be your referee.

N.B. Following standard Advance HE quality practices, spot checks will be made of references from time to time.