This module is not yet available but is the alternative to Designing for 21st Century learning (EDUM129) as optional modules within the PGCAP.


Research and Enterprise for Enhanced Academic Practice is designed to enable staff who are involved in teaching or in aspects of student or staff L&T support to

  • employ insights from enquiry-based learning & scholarship so as to inform and develop teaching and learning practice
  • become involved in processes of collaborative enquiry so as to deepen understanding of both own context and the practice of other HE professionals.

Target Audience

This module is open to staff with HEA Fellowship who are involved in teaching or in aspects of student or staff L&T support in Higher Education.


The Learning, Teaching & Assessment strategy on the module involves the development and implementation of a enquiry-based project.  Participants can choose to select a project focus within one of a range of themed areas linked to contemporary institutional priorities.  The Themed Areas will be reviewed each year, to ensure currency but are likely to relate to Employability and Curriculum Development, the Student Experience and Higher Education within Practice-Based Contexts.

The particular projects undertaken by the module participants will be individually-owned, but the learning process will require active involvement in Critical Friend Review, working within small groups and providing peer support:

  • The implementation of the individual practitioner project will develop depth of understanding of the chosen practitioner issue and selected research approach
  • The involvement in Critical Friend Review of the project work of others will develop breadth of understanding across differing L&T contexts and research approaches and methods, and will, in turn, deepen critical understanding of own context & project.

Within each strand, the Project can take one of the following forms:

  • Consultancy – responsibility for taking forward a learning and teaching innovation or consultancy for the Faculty.
  • Practitioner research to evaluate the implementation of aspects of innovative L&T practice
  • A pedagogic research project that is related to practice.

The assessment of the module is context specific and relevant to each participant’s learning and teaching environment within Higher Education. The assessment includes a project report, a presentation and an evidenced account of involvement in group process on the module.