Staff collaborating

The assessment activities within C@N-DO are practical in nature and directly address current challenges facing teaching and student support staff.  They are designed to:

  • enable assessment against UKPSF criteria for HEA Fellowship at D1, D2 and D3
  • relate directly to teaching and student support work and institutional priorities
  • involve you in activities which will themselves enhance the student experience.

The award of professional recognition requires you to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for Fellowship within your own learning and teaching practice and to demonstrate successful engagement with UKPSF Dimensions of Practice.

Details of the Assessment Tasks can be found:

All applications must be accompanied by references.


Each application should be accompanied by submission of two references. For Senior Fellow these should include at least one from someone external to the institution.  Find guidance here.

How do I apply?

Your application should be submitted using the appropriate Assessment Submission Form, linked below:

Complete the form in Word and Submit it through the Submit your Application area on the C@N-DO CPD Scheme NILE site.  Submissions go through Turnitin in the same way as student assignments.

What help is available to help me prepare my application for Fellowship?

A new resource have been created to help your develop your application for Associate Fellowship (D1), Fellowship (D2) or Senior Fellowship (D3):  Click here to access the C@N-DO Fellowship Writing Support Resource.

For further information about the C@N-DO and C@N-DO Assessment for Fellowship please read the C@N-DO Handbook.

You will find it useful to participate in a C@N-DO Writing Retreat workshop.  This will give you a chance to make space in your busy schedule to reflect on your practice and collaborate with others to develop a successful HEA Fellowship application through C@N-DO.