Indivdual careioThe primary mechanism for course redesign at Northampton is through the CAIeRO workshop. However, this is not the only way that ILT can support programme, subject and module teams with the redesign of their modules or programmes. In 2014, the University introduced a team of Learning Designers as a way to provide additional resource as we move to a new approach for learning and teaching at Northampton. If you would like help with any aspect of course redesign – from a 1:1 session looking at a particular aspect of your module or programme (for example, Learning Outcomes, storyboarding, assessment practices etc), through to a full collaborative design workshop (the CAIeRO), then please contact the Learning Design team.

What is CAIeRO?

CAIeRO – Creating Aligned Interactive educational Resource Opportunities, is Northampton’s distinct version of the Carpe Diem workshop. It is a transformational process that develops institutional capability in learning design (Conole, 2012) by enabling academic course teams to design for effective, participative learning (Armellini & Jones, 2008; Salmon, Jones, & Armellini, 2008; Salmon, 2011). At its heart, is a two-day structured workshop (Armellini, Salmon, & Hawkridge, 2009). The ‘planner’ used in the workshop is itself an open resource.

CAIeRO delivers a blueprint and a storyboard for the course being designed or redesigned, a set of tested e-tivities (Salmon, 2002) and an action plan for the course team to develop the course further. CAIeRO’s transformative nature has enabled staff and students to capitalise on the affordances of many learning technologies and existing learning resources, which participants integrate into the design and delivery of curricula.” (Armellini and Nie, 2013)

CAIeRO is a one-day workshop. The CAIeRO process focuses on helping your team to design for effective and participative active blended learning. The whole course team and learning technologists are required for the whole of the process. The workshop is typically facilitated by a member of the Learning Design team.