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The Institute of Learning and Teaching, in conjunction with academic staff and the Academic Librarian, Learning Development and Learning Technology teams within LLS, are pleased to introduce an updated version of the AIMS resource for academic staff and PATs to use with students to help raise awareness of what the University expects from students in terms of good academic practice and to explore appropriate courses of action when academic behaviour is at risk of amounting to misconduct.

Key Information

  • This resource enables staff to meet their responsibilities under the Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy to inform students about the University requirements in this area
  • It only takes 1 hour of class time (across a whole programme) + 30 minutes or so of preparation
  • It comes with all resources provided – you only need to (1) download the resource into your NILE site and (2) collect your scratchcards from ILT
  • Other colleagues are available to co-facilitate the session, if you prefer (please contact the Learning Development team in the first instance).

Just ‘plug and play’

The AIMS resource (Academic Integrity and Misconduct for Students) is a ‘plug and play’ style resource. Using a modified version of the team-based learning methodology, the idea is that your students will undertake some preparatory work to help them understand the core concepts, before sitting both and individual and then a team quiz on these core concepts. Students will then work in their teams to explore some of the common pitfalls that they may fall into over the duration of their academic studies, with a view to helping them understand what would be the most appropriate course of action for them to take, and what alternative courses of action are available to them when faced with the temptation to plagiarise or to commit other forms of misconduct.


The resource has been designed to be used in face-to-face situations, as this will also help new students to get to know fellow students on their programme, especially if used in first year. However, it is possible for you to conduct the quizzes using NILE. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages which are detailed and explained fully in the staff introduction. The entire resource is able to be downloaded and imported straight into your NILE site, where you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions for staff and for students, along with the quizzes, the answers, the scenarios and all other resources that you will need. The only thing you will need to collect is a set of scratch-cards for the team quiz from the ILT offices in the library on Park Campus (or if you leave enough time, we can send them in the internal mail).

Examples of the types of material covered are:

  • understanding what is good academic practice
  • what is meant by ‘self-plagiarism’
  • paraphrasing
  • common knowledge
  • penalties for misconduct
  • common referencing issues and mistakes
  • collusion and collaboration
  • the interplay between academic misconduct and other student policies such as extensions and mitigating circumstances

This resource is designed to help our students avoid common pitfalls and errors when working on assessments.

It also helps staff meet their responsibilities under the Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy to ensure their students are aware of the policy and its requirements.

Download it into your NILE site today!