Supporting Students’ Academic Integrity

The University of Northampton supports the development of students’ academic practice. This is achieved through collaborative academic integrity campaigns sponsored by the Students’ Union and Student and Academic Services, and through Academic Integrity Officers (AIOs), who provide support across the Faculties. ILT also facilitates an Academic Integrity Working Group which comprises members of academic and professional services staff from across the Institution who are interested in this area of practice.

Centrally, the Institute of Learning and Teaching supports capacity development among academic staff for addressing academic integrity within their teaching practice. This work is underpinned by a thorough annual review of the Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy and input from the Academic Integrity Working group. Our main focus is on helping students develop good academic practices. This is supported in a number of ways:

  1. The AIMS Resource. This active and engaging session explores some of the issues and common pitfalls around academic practice and only takes 1 hour of class time.
  2. Top Tips for Developing Good Academic Practice – view this new webpage on the student portal and promote it to your students!

There are also other sources of support across the University, including:

You can also watch these videos to learn more about our approach.

Bethany Alden Rivers talks about the University’s Academic Integrity Campaign.


Kelly Smith talks about her role as an Academic Integrity Officer (AIO).


Kate Coulson, Head of Learning Development talks about how Learning Development supports students’ academic integrity.


Sarah Lee talks about academic integrity from a students’ perspective.


Academic Integrity and Misconduct – the Tutor Role in cases of Suspected Misconduct

In this video, Rachel Maxwell and Rachel Fitzgerald talk through the role of the Marking Tutor as laid out in the Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy (whether at UN or at one of our Education with Others partners).