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The Team Around the Student

1.      What is meant by this phrase ‘the team around the student’ and how does this relate to my role?2.      I need to understand more a…

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A lecture in a classroom in the Learning Hub

Content Development


Sign up for Content Development if this is your need: Help! I have to transfer my classroom presentations into blended learning! I kno…

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Exploring Feedback


How can I ensure that my feedback is useful to enhance students’ learning?How do I ensure I’m using the right methods of feedback, balancing…

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Active Blended Learning

Understanding what it means to move your pedagogic practice to our Active Blended Learning methodology has been the subject of much debate in …

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Happy students that have just graduated


The ChANGE Project (Changemaker Attributes at Northampton for Graduate Employability) continues the work of embedding Changemaker and Employab…

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Academic Integrity is quality

Academic Integrity

The University of Northampton supports the development of students' academic practice. This is achieved through collaborative academic integri…

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The primary mechanism for course redesign at Northampton is through the CAIeRO workshop. If you would like help with any aspect of course rede…

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