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24th April 2020

12:30 – 13:30

Tpod B - Learning Hub

Not Forgotten – Rwanda – Genocide 1994

Warning – traumatic imagery and content

Presented by Dawn Hibbert – Head of Research Support.

The 1994 (7 April – Mid July) genocide in Rwanda saw approximately one million people killed over 100 days. Whilst most of these people remain nameless, some information has been preserved. The genocide memorial in Kigali documents the lives of some of the victims, including children.

Unlike earlier mass killings, such as the Holocaust, the international community had advance evidence of the coming genocide. Once it launched, they had evidence of where it was going, and still did nothing.

Whilst there is a greater awareness of genocides around the world, the small nation of Rwanda is often forgotten. When visiting the Kigali memorial, the volunteers plead with visitors to tell others about what happened, in the hope that awareness could prevent such a horrific event happening again. This presentation will raise awareness of the Rwandan genocide and include a minute of silence in memorial of those whose lives were cut short.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this event – they will simply need to obtain a Visitor Pass. Please contact Jenny Townend with any questions.

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