• Date: Monday 25 September 2017 – Thursday 12 October 2017
  • Location: Avenue Galley, The University of Northampton, Avenue Campus, St. George's Avenue, Northampton, NN2 6JD

Point to point

Point to Point brings together new work by Sophie Cero, Luke Harby and Pauline Wood which has been made during their residencies in the fine art studios at the University of Northampton.  The title of the show alludes to this connection, as well as themes of travel or journeys that are implicit in much of the work; but also suggests the points of divergence between these three quite different artists.

The work was made during the artists’ participation in the Artists Access to Art Colleges (AA2A) scheme within the University’s Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology during the academic year 2016-17.  AA2A is a national scheme that encourages early-career artists to work alongside current students, offering opportunities for informal mentoring and sharing of their experiences in building a career within the wider art community, in exchange for access to workshops and specialist equipment to enable them to realise a specific project or new body of work.

As a photographer, Luke Harby made use of the University’s traditional dark-room facilities to print from 4×5 inch negatives for the first time.  His work explores concepts of scale; “I’ve shot huge things and made them look tiny. I’ve taken close ups of models of familiar items and scanned them at large resolutions (and then often reshot them)”.  Here he presents a series of studio photographs of paper models of icebergs, printed in contrasting sizes to further explore these ambiguities.

Printmaker Pauline Wood presents two suites of work under the title The Fourteen Stations of the Cross.  Both bodies of work use the rituals and processes of printmaking to investigate themes of accumulation and materiality in a series of unique images, while their installation in the gallery focuses on the encounter between the work and the viewer in that specific environment.

Sophie Cero also based herself within the printmaking workshops but used them to develop her interest in using the medium’s inherent  reproducibility as a means of finding a wider distribution for her work outside of a conventional gallery setting.  Her project ‘w/hole story’, based on a series of potholes found in a track near Fermynwood Contemporary Art’s Sudborough Green Lodge in the Northamptonshire countryside, culminated in the development of an artist book which could be used to guide walkers around the site.

The exhibition allows all three artists to present the outcomes of these projects for the first time, testing the end results against their original ideas and perhaps forming the basis for their next steps on their respective career paths.

Point to Point opens at the University of Northampton’s Avenue Gallery from 25 September – 12 October (Mondays-Fridays 10am-4pm), and there will be a Private View of the exhibition on Thursday 5 October from 5-8pm.  For more information contact Suzanne.stenning@northampton.ac.uk or telephone 01604 893050.