Extreme Right Aware Training

20th September 2019

09:30 – 16:00

Senate Building



The extreme right space is fast changing and complex. What risks does it pose? What draws people to such extremism? How does it cultivate violence and even terrorism? What can be done to tackle it?

This one-day training package is aimed at people who’s work engages with the Prevent Agenda and want a deeper understanding of the British and international extreme right. It will include short lectures, interactive group activities and opportunities to network with other professionals working in the field.

Through short lectures and workshop activities it will cover the following:

  • The roots and long-term dynamics of the extreme right in Britain. This will place current activism in longer-term analysis of waves of extreme right activity, and also within international trends.
  • Extreme right groups currently active in Britain. It will allow for a deeper awareness of the different types of groups, and demonstrate contrasts between their various styles of activism and target audiences. This will include extreme right youth groups, street marching organisations and political parties, as well as online networks. It will also highlight current international links and coded languages of the extreme right.
  • Motivation and types of people attracted to the extreme right. Drawing on ethnographic research it will explore the nature of those drawn to the extreme right, and highlight the core appeal of the movement. This will include its attraction among younger people, the allure of specific narratives such as Islamophobia and neo-Nazism, as well as the use of social media to disseminate extreme right ideas.
  • Extreme right violence and terrorism. The extreme right fosters a wide range of aggressive and sometimes illegal activity, and the course will examine how the movement licences extreme attitudes, hate incidents and crimes, and on occasion even lone actor terrorism.

Full details and booking information is available on our online shop.

Should you have further enquiries you can email Daniel Jones or Paul Jackson.

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