Do You Waste Waste? Why is it not a ‘SMART’ thing to do

11th October 2019

12:30 – 13:30

Tpod B - Learning Hub, Waterside Campus, University Drive, Northampton, NN1 5PH


Library and Learning Services (LLS) presents Claire Poole, Professional Development Manager at CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management)

Ever thought about what you waste and the consequences?

A lot is being talked about regarding ocean plastic and the ‘scourge’ of drinking straws. It is great that most people are more aware, but plastic is not the evil material it is made out to be – it’s what ‘we’ do with it.

Waste is a waste of resources, and it starts with how things are designed, what we buy and what we do with it afterwards. Learn more about the role we can all play in making sure we use resources wisely, protect our environment and can make a difference for not just the next generation but NOW!

WARNING: This session may make you think differently and may contain information needed by employers!

Claire Poole – Who am I?

I have been working within waste and resources sector for 30 years – initially as a waste regulator for a local authority and then, on its formation, the Environment Agency. Expanding into water quality I enabled my passion for the environment to be combined with my interest in training. Following a number of years with the Environment Agency I joined The waste sectors Professional Institution – CIWM 13 years ago. Not many people can say they actually get paid to talk rubbish!

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Please note! If you are external to the University you will need to obtain a Visitor Pass from Senate Reception in order to access the Learning Hub. Please contact if you have any questions.


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