• Date: Monday 10 September 2018 – Tuesday 11 September 2018
  • Location: University of Northampton
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21st Annual Dilemmas for Human Services International Research Conference. The theme of this conference is challenges, strengths and weaknesses in the organization of public services.

About the conference:

The Dilemmas conferences date back to 1995, and are organised by researchers working at Keele University UK, Staffordshire University UK, the University of East London UK, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine,  Luleå University of Technology, Linköping University, and Linnaeus University, Sweden and now the University of Northampton’s Faculty of Business and Law.

This conference, organized jointly by the University of Northampton, UK and Luleå University, Sweden will provide a forum for organizational, political and interdisciplinary critical analysis of dilemmas for the organisation and delivery of health, housing, education, social services and human services in general. The theme of this conference is challenges, strengths and weaknesses in the organization of public services.

Human services and the public sector more widely have faced many challenges in recent years and while this is an aspect of all organizational, social and economic life, it has been particularly fast and far-reaching in human services, which are constantly challenged by different stakeholders and to initiate further change in new directions. We therefore invite papers that investigate responses from public, private and voluntary industry organizations and governments to address the contemporary issues faced by human services in connection with changes in service delivery and organizational effectiveness (local, regional and global), as well as ethical and gender-specific questions concerning access to the labor market, capital and quality of service.


Stream Title Stream Leader and Email



Stream download
1. Change Management and New Public Governance

Mike Dent


Jim Radcliffe


Staffordshire University


Stream 1 Change Management and New Public Governance
2. Striving for Gender Equality within Public Services

Dr Kimberley Hill


Dr Melanie Crofts


University of Northampton Stream 2 Striving for Gender Equality within Public Services
3. Health and Social Care Work in the Public Sector: ‘Professional’ or ‘Employee’?

Dr Linda Bell


Middlesex University Stream 3 Health and Social Care Work in the Public Sector Professional or Employee
4. Dis-entangling bodies, material entities and practices

Dr Rebecka Näslund


Mag. Nicole Brown


Luleå University, Sweden

UCL Institute of Education

Stream 4 Dis-entangling bodies, material entities and practices
5. Social Work Management: Academia-Society  Engagement through effective management of University Social Responsibility (USR)

Dr Heba Adel


Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) University, Egypt Stream 5 Academia-Society Engagement through effective management of University Social Responsibility (USR)
6. Ethics, Dilemmas and Work Based Learning

Dr Gordon Weller


Middlesex University Stream 6 Ethics, Dilemmas and Work Based Learning
7. Responsible Implementation of Quality Outcomes for Human Services

Sherry A. Moyer


Chief Outcomes Officer

Measured for Meaning, LLC

Stream 7 Responsible Implementation of Quality Outcomes for Human Services
8. Social Policy

Hildegard Wiesehofer


Derby Business School
University of Derby
Stream 8 Social Policy
9. Changing Management in Organization

Professor Elisabeth Berg


Professor Emeritus Jim Barry


Professor Emeritus John Chandler


Luleå University, Sweden


East London University

Stream 9 Changing Management in Organization
10. Open Stream

Dr Hala Mansour


University of Northampton

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Jo Brewis:

Jo is a Professor of People and Organizations at the Open University, UK, a post she took up in April 2018. Her research interests focus on the intersections between the body, sexuality, gender, emotions, identity, organizing and organizations; and academic practices in organization studies research. One of Jo’s current projects is about how the symptoms of menopause affect mid-life women’s experiences of work, and how – in turn – work affects these symptoms. This project is the basis for her keynote presentation.

Professor Matthew Brannan:

Matthew is Professor in Management at Keele Management School and has held the role of Director of Research, Director of Learning and Teaching and Director of International Partnerships. He is a member of the School’s senior management team and has extensive experience in programme design, quality assurance and enhancement. Matthew previously worked at the Centre for Labour Market Studies, University of Leicester and was awarded a PhD from Wolverhampton University for his work on Call Centres and Employee Resistance. Professor Brannan’s research focuses on the growth of the Service Sector and the implications this has for contemporary experiences of work. Matthew has specific expertise in the use of ethnographic techniques to gain an immersive insight into the world of work. Matthew is currently working on understanding processes of Employee Branding more fully and forms of misconduct at work, especially in relation to the Financial Services Industry. Professor Brannan is the founding editor of the Journal of Organisational Ethnography an a founder member of the Annual Liverpool, Keele Ethnography Symposium.

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For more information or queries about this year’s conference please contact Dr Hala Mansour, Associate Professor, Human Resource Management/Organisational Behavior, University of Northampton.

The conference is being held at the University of Northampton’s new Waterside Campus.

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