Staff Profile

  • Wendy joined the University of Northampton in 2009, having previously worked as a teacher of science and maths at secondary level and then as a general practitioner at primary level, progressing to senior leadership roles in Northamptonshire schools. 

    Wendy graduated with a B.Ed from Bedford when first qualifying as a teacher and more recently gained a PGCTHE and MA in Education with the University of Northampton where her focus research was on learning outside the classroom. This led to Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

  • Wendy is the Project Manager and Senior Assessor of East Midlands HLTA, developing preparation and assessment across the region (Derby/shire, Nottingham/shire, Lincolnshire, Leicester/shire, Rutland, Northants) and liaising with HNAP and the Senior Assessor Working Group.

    Wendy is module leader for PDT1064 within the FDLT and EDU1017 within Childhood and Youth Degree; she also currently teaches on:

    • EDU1024
    • PDT3003
    • PDT2017
    • PDT1004

    Wendy is a dissertation supervisor for BALT and Education Studies.

  • Research into the views of HLTAs in the East Midlands led to the development this year of a network site.

    A member of the iPad development and research group, presenting at the Teaching and Learning conference and other associated events.