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Dr. Vindelyn Smith-Hillman

  • Job title: Associate Lecturer (Business)
  • Department: International Strategy & Business


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  1. Smith-Hillman, A. V. (2008) A critical exposé of competition policy in selected African and Caribbean countries. Doctoral thesis. The University of Northampton.


  1. Smith-Hillman, A. V. (2007) Competition policy, inflation and corruption: evidence from African economies. Applied Economics Letters. 14(9), pp. 653-656. 1350-4851.
  2. Smith-Hillman, A. V. (2007) Market power, competition policy and developing economies: divergent conditions within African and Caribbean economies. Journal of Economic Studies. 34(2), pp. 120-135. 0144-3585.
  3. Smith-Hillman, A. V. (2007) Socially irresponsible, unethical or business as usual? UK case of Argos Ltd and Littlewoods Ltd v. OFT. Business Ethics: A European Review. 16(2), pp. 150-162. 1467-8608.
  4. Smith-Hillman, A. V. (2007) The challenge to Ghanaian economic growth: an investigation of the micro and small business experience with anti-competitive conduct. Paper presented to: International Academy of African Business and Development 8th Annual Conference, London Metropolitan University, 29 May - 2 June 2007. (Unpublished)


  1. Smith-Hillman, A. V. (2006) First a glimmer, now a ...? The prospect of a Caribbean competition policy. Journal of World Trade. 40(2), pp. 405-422. 1011-6702.
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