Photo of Mrs. Veronica Ball

Mrs. Veronica Ball

  • Job title: Associate Lecturer (Occupational Therapy)
  • Department: Health - Occupational Therapy

General information

Professional Affliations Health professionals Council (HPC) College of Occupational Therapy (COT) British Association of Occupational (BAOT) Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA)


  • Module co-ordinator for all Occupation Modules (level 4/5/6) on the BSc programme
  • Admissions Tutor for the BSc Programme Module Leader for Critical Issues (Level 6)
  • BSc Teaching on the Advanced Skills Module MSc Pain Management and Voctional Rehabilitation
  • Teaching two sessions on Health and Life Sciences 'Older People' module
  • Teaching on the Public Health Module MSc Health promotion
  • Teaching on the Podiatry MSc Module Injection Therapy Teaching on the pilot programme for Health carers on the EM HEIC programme

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