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Father. Tim Curtis

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Social & Community Development
  • Department: Social Work

General information

Timothy is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health. His current research interests are the effects on mental wellbeing of the use of 'neptic-psychotherapeutic'  interventions from the Orthodox Christian tradition. He is also developing a programme of Spirituality Studies within the School of Health

He teaches Social and Community Development from a perspective of non-oppressive social change. This involves a commitment to Freirean pedagogy; exploring self and identity on the part of the practitioner, intrinsic motivations on the part of the communities, the psych-social effects of space and place on the communities and the application of soft-systems methodologies to solve 'wicked problems'.

He is actively involved in the University's strategic commitment to developing Social Enterprise. He is an Unltd/HEFCE Ambassador for Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education and has initiated the 'Social Enterprise Campus' which acts as a framework for new students to explore social enterprise ideas and be assisted in their first steps to explore socially just enterprises.

Prior to becoming a priest and working at the University, Timothy developed 20 years experience in management consulting and community development, working on hundreds of projects from environmental law in Azerbaijan to community waste projects in the Highlands of Scotland. He has been involved in significant research programmes, notably two European Social Fund projects on social enterprise during which he worked at the University of Oxford Said Business School as a Senior Research Fellow.

Timothy is a parish priest within the Orthodox Christian Church in Northampton and is a trustee of both Saint Anne's monastic house in York, and St Sunniva's monastic skete in Shetland.


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