Staff Profile

  • Dr Stefan Davis is an early career researcher and lecturer in Leather Science at the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) at the University of Northampton (UoN).His scientific background includes physical chemistry with diversification into materials science with an environmental focus. His current research interests include: cleaner chemistry, waste utilisation and alternative materials, with pervious research projects and publications in biomaterials and utilisation of industrial wastes into chemical processes.

    PhD, Chemistry, University of Leicester, 2016

    MChem, Chemistry, University of Leicester, 2012

    • LEA1009 – Leather Science 1
    • LEA1013 – Leather Technology Raw to Tanned
    • LEA2007 – Leather Science 2
    • LEA2008 – Materials Evaluation 2
    • LEA4001 – Dissertation
    • LEAM017 – Research and Analytical Method
    • 2017 Industrially funded research to improve the environmental credentials of leather processing
    • 2016 Deep Eutectic Solvents Derived from Inorganic Salts
    • 2012 Thermoplastic Wood: A Novel Alternative to Medium Density Fibreboard
  • For publications, projects, datasets, research interests and activities, view Stefan Davis’s research profile on Pure, the University of Northampton’s Research Explorer.

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