Staff Profile

  • Peter is an experienced academic leader with a track record of operational, strategic and change leadership at Departmental, School and Faculty level in UK universities creating high performance teams in areas as diverse as Business, Law, Science, Psychology and Sport and Exercise.  He is one of only approximately a thousand Principal Fellows of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.  His Principle Fellowship was based on his work around the design of flexible, digital learning spaces and technology enhanced learning and teaching.  Throughout his academic career, Peter has been an exponent of digital and technology enhanced learning.   

    Peter also comes from a commercial background having started his career working in the Eurobond market in London before he entered higher education. Consequently, he has championed commercial activity throughout his academic career, led income generation and built partnerships with external bodies, particularly in STEM subjects. This has resulted in the formal signing MOUs and building key sustainable commercial partnerships. Consequently this has had beneficial social impact and enhanced student experience.

  • As Peter is in a leadership role, his teaching is now limited, although still leads sessions on exercise and health and approached to change leadership in organisations.

  • As an academic leader, Peter has supported the research culture and outputs in teams by building external links, pump priming research and developing undergraduate and postgraduate research degrees that support the research culture.  In the REF2014, his teams were recognised for international standard research with GPAs of 2.29 and 2.17. 

    His own research is diverse with publications in areas of blood coagulation, postpartum weight loss and echocardiography. However, his research can broadly be categorised under the heading of physical activity and health. Peter am currently Director of Studies for a PhD investigating the impact of isometric exercise on blood pressure. 

    Peter has been awarded several grants including a prestigious £350K British Council grant to host a three-month Chinese education programme.

  • For publications, projects, datasets, research interests and activities, view Peter Jones’s research profile on Pure, the University of Northampton’s Research Explorer.

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