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Mr. Paul Sedgwick

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Education (ECYP)
  • Department: Education, Children & Young People

General information

Paul trained as a primary school teacher in 1985/86 and spent 18 years teaching in special, primary and secondary schools.

He specialised first in general SEN, then as a Teacher of the Deaf and finally in Language and Communication issues.

Paul was team leader for an LEA specialist support team supporting pupils with autistic difficulties before starting with the University of Northampton in 2004.

He has a first degree from London, a PGCE from Oxford Polytechnic, an MA in Education from the Open University and a PG Cert Ed (Hearing Impaired) from the University of Herts. He is a Fellow of the HEA.


BA/ BSc Education Studies (single and joint) - Programme Leader

BA in Learning and Leaching

BA Childhood & Youth


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