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Mr. Paul Bramble

  • Job title: Research Project Manager
  • Department: Research, Impact & Enterprise

General information

Paul Bramble works as a Research Project Manager within the Research, Impact and Enterprise Division at the University. He is responsible for the post ward support, that includes project managing EU funded projects and supporting the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme that links businesses with a university and a graduate to work on a specific project, which will enable businesses to grow and be innovative.

Paul has been at the University since 2003. In his time at Northampton he has been within the Faculty of Education and Humanities and the Centre for Education and Research. Paul has been involved in Government and EU funded projects since 2005.

Paul has a Master's degree in business administration (MBA) and a number of professional qualifications in PRINCE2 and a Level 6 CIM in Marketing.


Paul is currently involved with three programmes - two Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership funded Erasmus+ programmes, and one Erasmus+ Capacity building in higher education. These are Equity and Social Inclusion through Positive Parenting (ESIPP), Cyber Safe Generation: Digital (CyGen) and School and University Partnership for Peer Communities of Learners (SUP4PCL).

Paul is also currently involved a range of funded research locally and internationally and he also supports the development of grant proposals, in particular Erasmus+ KA2 funded programmes. 

Paul has recently successfully project managed SEN Employment links: Working with Employers and Trainers to support Young People with Special Educational Needs/Disability into Employment (SENEL); Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership funded Erasmus+ programme; Success at School, a European Life Long Programme and has supported project IRIS, Inclusive Research in Irish Schools; funded by the National Council for Special Education (NCSE).


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