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Dr. Nigel Freestone

  • Job title: Subject Leader: Environmental Science
  • Department: Environmental Science

General information

​​A chemist by training, Nigel has been at the University of Northampton for 20 years and has a wealth of teaching experience.

  • 1986 PhD (Nuclear Chemistry), University of Leicester.
     Title: Purification of uranium hexafluoride by non-aqueous means
  • 1983 MPhil (Electrochemistry), University of Southampton.
    Title: Anodic oxidation of lead in sulfuric acid
  • 1981 BSc ​​(Hons) Chemistry, University of Bradford.

In collaboration with the Charted Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) he pioneered the development of first degree level courses in wastes management in the United Kingdom. Northampton is now widely regarded as a Centre of Excellence in Wastes Management education, training, consultancy and research, and currently offers the largest portfolio of courses in the world in this new discipline. In addition Nigel has published several hundred current awareness and historical features in chemistry-based magazines and journals.

Other Activities

Developed the curriculum for the national standard and advanced training courses in recycling for WRAP.


  • Head of Division
  • CAF Field Chair Environmental Science

Member of

  • School of Science and Technology Quality Standards Enhancement Committee
  • Academic Quality & Standards Committee
  • Member of Academic Audit Review Committee

APL Officer for the University. Director of SITA Centre


Course Leader for

  • MSc Wastes Management
  • FdSc Wastes Management
  • BSc Environmental Science

Undergraduate Modules

  • ENV1001 Air & Water - Principles
  • ENV1004 Environmental Issues
  • ENV1008 Landfill Science
  • ENV1010 Wastes as an Environmental Issue
  • ENV1016 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
  • ENV2025 Wastes Management
  • ENV2032 Waste Collection, Sorting and Transfer
  • ENV2035 Work Based Learning in the Wastes Industry
  • ENV3012 Hazardous Wastes Management
  • ENV3018 Wastes Minimisation & Recycling

HNC Units

  • Applying Environmental Science to the Management of Wastes
  • Managing Facilities within the Wastes Industry
  • Managing the Handling and Disposal of Wastes
  • Investigating Analysing and Reporting on a Wastes Management Topic


  • ENV020 Advanced Thermal Wastes Management Technologies


  • History of Chemistry
  • BPEO


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