Staff Profile

  • Mike has been in the teaching profession all his working life. Initially he worked in Primary schools but then moved into a wider-ranging role as an Advisory Teacher for Science and Technology which required him to work in over 150 settings ranging from Early Years to FE. He returned to the ‘chalk face’ as a deputy head of a large lower school in Northampton. After seven years balancing a class teacher’s role with a senior management one, he became a Headteacher of a school in Daventry. This post lasted for 15 years and contained extensive teaching, staff development programmes, SENCo responsibilities plus Child Protection, subject leader roles for Science and ICT, work with Governors and Friends of the school plus managing a budget of around a million pounds.  Mike then worked in a Swiss University for three years as a visiting lecturer teaching Developmental Child Psychology. 

    Alongside his work in the university Mike has been an Education Adviser for LearnSpace which is an organisation set up to support school design, development and learning innovation in the 21st Century.

  • Mike has taught on the Integrated Foundation programme for six years plus selected work for Teacher Training and Education Studies.