Staff Profile

  • Dr Michael Boswell is currently Senior Lecturer in Engineering in the School of Science and Technology at the University of Northampton. Dr Boswell was awarded a PhD (Engineering) and a BSc Engineering (Hons) from Oxford Brookes University (UK).

    Michael has worked for international organisations in Nepal, Norway, the Netherlands and Laos, as well as working with governments in Nepal, Norway and the UK. 

  • Michael has developed and taught a broad range of subjects in the fields of Engineering and Energy Management, including mechanics of solids, mechanics of fluids, thermodynamic​s and mathematics for engineers along with renewable energy and energy in developing countries.

    Michael is currently module leader for:

    ENG2055 – Advanced Thermo-fluids Principles

    ENG2047 – Advanced Thermo-fluids and Mechanical Principles

    ENG1049 – Thermo-fluids and Mechanical Principles

  • Michael is a former Visiting Research Fellow in Biofuel Technology of Oxford Brookes University instrumental in the sourcing and evaluation of Nepalese plant oils as renewable fuels in the compression ignition engine for stationary power provision in rural areas.

    Appointed Visiting Professor at Tribhuvan University Nepal, Dr Boswell has been engaged with collaborative interdisciplinary research and consultancy seeking to implement measures to mitigate climate change and to promote resilience, livelihood, improvements in health and agricultural productivity in impoverished rural communities in the mountain environment as well as formulating proposals for national energy security.

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    Boswell, M. J. [2010] Indigenous Plant Oils: Development, Status and Prospects. Proceedings of International Conference on the Role of Renewable Energy Technology for Sustainable Development. 21-33. Kathmandu, Nepal.
    Contributing Author, Nepal Co-ordinator and Consultant [2009] Developing Sustainable Pro-poor Biofuels in the Mekong Region and Nepal. SNV/WWF Commissioned Regional Report.

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