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Research Profile

  • Following a diverse career path that included being employed as a Youth Worker. Social Worker and then a Police Officer, Matt trained as a Paramedic is South Australia in 2006. He spent nearly ten years in clinical practice, undertaking further qualifications in the field before moving to academic practice in the UK. During this time Matt also assisted with providing prehospital care education in Malaysia.

    Since arriving in the UK Matt has contributed to programmes at Oxford Brookes University and designed the paramedic provision at the University of Gloucestershire. Matt has previously been in Course Lead roles there and at Coventry University.

    Matt holds a keen interest in patent experience and professional aspects of the paramedic profession and has previous experience in undertaking qualitative research. He is currently undertaking PhD level studies, considering patient experience of paramedic interventions using a case study, mixed methods approach.

  • Matt specialises in teaching research and professional issues related content and contributes to all topics across the programme.

  • Research publications:

    • Education and clinical professional development in Penang, Malaysia
      Matt Perry, Louise Reynolds, and Judith Clare
      International Paramedic Practice 2018 8:2, 23-31
    • Global patient experience of paramedic practice
      M Perry, K Usher, D Jackson
      International Paramedic Practice, 2019
  • Please see ORCID for my publications. 

    • The ethics of ambulance ramping
      M Perry, D Carter
      Emergency Medicine Australasia 2017 29 (1), 116-118
    • Contributions to public health around the world
      M Perry, L Reynolds, J Clare
      International Paramedic Practice, 2019 8 (1), 3-9
    • Evidence based practice from the ashes of clinical freedom
      M Perry
      Journal of Paramedic Practice, 2016 8 (12), 576-577
    • Is diazepam or lorazepam the most effective benzodiazepine for use in paramedic management of convulsive seizures in adults?
      G Matthew, M Perry
      Journal of Paramedic Practice, 2016 8 (11), 543-549
    • A call for research into the link between professional practice and education
      M Perry, K Bromwich, M Catterall
      Journal of Paramedic Practice, 2016 8 (2), 66