Research Profile

  • Jude teaches on the Foundation programme and joined the University initially as an associate Lecturer. Jude’s degrees and qualifications are in the Biological Sciences and Academic practice. Jude was at the University of Roehampton before joining Northampton. Jude is a fellow of the HEA.

    • Foundation in Physical Sciences
    • Foundation in Life Sciences
    • Foundation research module
  • Jude’s main areas of research interest include Signal pathways


    • Jude C. Ihugba, Marie-Cecile Blanc, Marylouisa Holton, Ludwig Neyses, Weiguang Wang and Angel L. Armesilla (2010) Disruption of the PMCA-calcineurin interaction enhances paclitaxel cytotoxicity in breast cancer cells. Acta Biochimica Polonica 57(2):28
    • Jude C Ihugba, Sathishkumar Kurusamy, Nadine Arnold, Priscille Polla, James Cotton, Pablo Gomez-del Arco, Juan Miguel Redondo, Allan Lawrie, Angel Luis Armesilla  (2017) Inducers of pulmonary arterial hypertension upregulate the expression of plasma membrane calcium ATpase 1 in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells. Heart 2017;103:A113. British Society for Cardiovascular Research Conference Manchester 5-7 June 2017
    • Jude C Ihugba, Sathishkumar Kurusamy, Nadine Arnold, Priscille Polla, Pablo Gomez-del Arco, Emanuel E Strehler, Elizabeth J Cartwright, Juan Miguel Redondo, James Cotton, Allan Lawrie, Angel Luis Armesilla (2018) Inflammatory cytokines implicated in pulmonary arterial hypertension development upregulate plasma membrane calcium atpase 1 gene expression in vascular smooth muscle cells. British Microcirculation Society Conference 16th-17th April 2018.
    • Sathishkumar Kurusamy,Dolores López-Maderuelo , Robert Little , David Cadagan , Aaron M. Savage, Jude C. Ihugba , Rhiannon R. Baggott , Farjana B. Rowther, Sara Martínez-Martínez, Pablo Gómez-del Arco, Clare Murcott, Weiguang Wang, Francisco Nistal, Delvac Oceandy, Ludwig Neyses, Robert N. Wilkinson, Elizabeth J. Cartwright, Juan Miguel Redondo, Angel Luis Armesilla (2017)Selective inhibition of plasma membrane calcium ATPase 4 improves angiogenesis and vascular reperfusion. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 109 (2017) 38–47