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  • Memberships

    • Member UKAEL – United Kingdom Association of European Lawyers
    • Member UACES – University Association for Contemporary European Studies

    Recent Conference Presentations and Invited Lectures:

    • Promotion of User Rights (October 2012)invited expert contribution, CESI Europe Academy, Symposium, Providing high-quality Public Services in Europe based on the values of Protocol 26 (TFEU), Warsaw.
    • Changes and Challenges: Examples from an Anglo-Saxon System May 2011, University of Copenhagen, The Role of Social Services of General Interest in EU Law: New Challenges and Tensions
    • Division of Responsibilities in SGEI’s: EU, Member States and Service Providers September 2010, Brussels, ERA Annual Conference on European Water Management Law
    • USO’s, PSO’s & Complex Relationships in Competition law March 2010, University of Leicester
    • USOs, PSOs in Liberalised Sectors June 2009, London, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Governments and Services of General Interest in a Global World
    • Normative networks and data flows for European consumer policy: consumer voice and influence in the policy process May 2009, EUI Florence, Consumer Loans and the Role of Credit bureaus in Europe
    • Constitutional entrenchment of new governance in consumer policy formulation: a platform for consumer citizenship practice?
    • May 2009, University of Helsinki, CoE Foundations of European Law and Polity Annual Conference – The Many Constitutions of Europe
  • Undergraduate

    • Sale of Goods and Agency


    • European and International Private Law


    • The EU Institutions and Constitutional Formalities
    • The EU Single Market
    • EU and UK Competition Law
    • Principles of EU Law
    • Private International Law
    • International Corporate Law

    PhD supervision

    Jim is currently the lead supervisor on two PhD projects: European trademark law and monopolistic issues of brand culture as they impact on third parties and consumers; analysis of the legal personality, if any, and the jurisprudential credentials of the World Bank and IMF with a specific focus on the Word Bank’s Inspection Panel.

    Jim would particularly welcome enquiries about projects covering various aspects of European and international private law, particularly projects concerned with the legal and regulatory frameworks provided for economic and/or social service provision (SGEIs and SSGIs); the rise of the Public Service Industry; and with issues of economic/consumer citizenship.​

  • Jim’s current personal research agenda is focused on two sites. Firstly, that of European Essential Services of General Interest: an area in which Jim provides commentary as a recognised expert in the field through analytical and critical research. This site of interest has a focus on services of general interest that may be either economic or social in character, and that embrace the provision of essential network services and the provision of welfare goods and services. Of particular interest is the increasing reliance on the private provision of end user services in social sectors, and the evolution of universal and public service obligations.

    Jim’s second and overlapping area of research interest is concerned with issues of citizenship, individual rights and responsibilities and the operation of private law in what were once public spaces. It is a site of interest concerned with the developing role of individuals and of civil society in an increasingly global economy. It provides a focus on the normative influences that provide for individual rights and that create individual responsibilities. It asks questions of what we may mean by citizenship in the context of supranational, global and technologically developed market economies.

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